What Is The Role Of A Best Man

When it comes to the wedding day, the best man is the unspoken ingredient that makes the groom’s special day truly unforgettable. Even though they aren’t the star of the show, the meal just wouldn’t be the same without them. For guidance, moral support, and belly laughs, the groom can always count on his best man. They are the only person he can count on to always have his back. 

The best man’s contributions to the smooth running of the wedding day range from organizing the bachelor party to holding the rings during the ceremony and delivering a toast at the reception. In other words, if you’re the best man, you’re the icing on the cake for the groom’s big day.

What Is The Role Of A Best Man?

The best man plays an integral role in the wedding preparations and the big day itself and is much more than just an accessory to the groom’s outfit or another groomsman in the bridal party. When it comes to supporting and assisting the groom, the best man is unrivalled.

This individual is the only one he can always count on to have his back. The groom would be lost in the maze of wedding preparations without the best man.

The best man is an integral member of the bridal party and plays a significant part in making the big day special. The best man should be well-organized, dependable, and articulate. To ensure that the wedding day goes off without a hitch, the best man must put in a great deal of effort and time.

The best man’s role is to keep in touch with the groom and the rest of the wedding party frequently to ensure that everything is running smoothly and to resolve any problems that may emerge. He should also know the schedule for the wedding and be ready to take charge if necessary.

The best man is also tasked with giving a toast during the reception, where he can show his appreciation for the bride and groom, entertain the guests with humorous anecdotes about the groom, and set the tone for a fun evening for the groom and his guests.

On the wedding day, the best man should be by the groom’s side to give moral support and practical help. Typically, they’re accountable for the following tasks:

  • Ensure The Groom And Groomsmen Arrive On Time.

Time, especially in the hours before the ceremony, seems to fly by at a dizzying rate on the big day. The best man’s duty on the wedding day is to keep track of time and see that the groom and his buddies make it to the ceremony on time.

He also helps the groom and his party look their best by planning their arrival and making sure everyone has what they need for the ceremony.

  • Hold The Wedding Bands.

The best man is entrusted with the duty of safely storing the couple’s wedding rings. If the bride and groom opt against having a ring bearer, the best man may be tasked with protecting the rings until the wedding.

If the best man is asked to, the groom won’t have to constantly dig in his pockets for his phone and money.

  • Recognize The Presence Of A Guest

In most cases, the best man is a sibling or close friend of the groom, making him familiar with everyone at the wedding. He is well-connected, making him a good choice to greet guests as they arrive at the wedding.

  • Be A Witness.

The best man and lady of honour customarily serve as witnesses at the signing of the marriage license. The best man should be present at this time, and he may be requested to sign the marriage license together with the bride and groom.

  • To Kick Off The Toasts

When the bride and groom-elect have a toast, the best man is normally the first to speak. The best man’s toast is one of his most significant responsibilities, therefore he should prepare thoughtfully. The best wedding toasts tell the couple’s narrative with appropriate pomp and circumstance.

  • Keep The Reception Going.

The best man is traditionally the first person on the dance floor following the first dance, regardless of who danced. As the host of the reception, the best man is responsible for making sure that everyone is having a good time. They can also begin dancing with the bride, maid of honour, bride’s mother, groom’s mother, and groom at the reception.

  • Make Arrangements For Transportation

After the ceremony, you may have to drive the newlyweds or their guests to their hotel, the airport, or the reception, even though many people choose to hire a cab or shuttle service.

If so, you shouldn’t have any alcoholic beverages before, during, or after the celebration. If you’d rather have someone else handle things, you can do that. Rent a limo for the newlyweds so that everyone can go out together and celebrate.

  • Serve As An Informal Welcome Committee Moderator And Emcee

Could you help the bride’s grandmother find a seat? Do we have a lone dancer among the flower girls? Have you had a couple of the house speciality drinks before dinner? Do you believe one of the best men has had a few too many?

Ensure that the newlyweds and their guests are having a fantastic time and that all members of the wedding party are where they need to be and when. To top it all off, you have this enormous responsibility: Offering a speech as best man.

Your toast to the happy couple should come before you introduce the maid of honour, as is customary in wedding speeches. You are not “on duty” and are free to enjoy the evening like everyone else as long as you do not break the law.

In addition to behaving responsibly and offering help when needed, one of the best things you can do is to be an unquenchable ball of enthusiasm and energy.

  • Tie Up Loose Ends After The Party

All guests are encouraged to bring wrapped presents, which you will be responsible for collecting. Put them in the newlyweds’ bank account, or at least hold on to them until they get back from their honeymoon.

The cash envelopes should be distributed to the vendors who received tips or cash payments after the night. To help the newlyweds have a memorable exit from the reception, you and the other guests can decorate the getaway automobile.

It’s important to note that some of these positions can be changed based on what the couple wants and what their culture or religion says is right.

Best Man: Who’s Eligible?

The best man is traditionally a male friend or relative of the groom, such as a brother, cousin, or longtime buddy. However, in modern times, there has been a broadening of who is eligible to serve as the best man. As the “best woman” or “best person,” the groom traditionally selects a close female friend or family member. It’s not uncommon for couples to have more than one best man or woman.

In same-sex marriages, the best man and best woman can be members of the same sex, or they can be members of different sexes. Who the groom picks to stand at his side as best man is a very personal decision that should be informed by the two men’s shared history and closeness.

The best person to support the groom through the wedding planning process and the big day is someone he is comfortable with, trusts, and can rely on.


The best man is responsible for many aspects of the wedding and should have strong interpersonal, communication, and problem-solving abilities as well as the ability to remain cool under pressure. The best man is the groom’s closest friend and ally who will be by his side during all of the wedding preparations and the big day itself.

Though traditionally a male friend or cousin of the groom, the best man can now be anybody the groom considers to be his best friend. 

These days, the bride and groom can choose to have one or more best men or women, or even both sexes. Ultimately, it is up to the groom and his chosen best man to decide upon the best man. This decision should be based on the groom’s personal feelings and the history between himself and the best man.

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