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Advantages of Keratin Hair Extension

Keratin hair extension is a useful product, which is usually used to attach the human hair. What it actually does is that it attaches the hair to your own hair by means of a special type of glue that is actually capable of holding different kinds of hair in place. The term ‘keratin’ itself is derived from ‘ k keratin’, a chemical element derived from the wool of sheep. So, basically, keratin is known to be one of the strongest and the most long-lasting glue available out there. Check-out

The Benefits of Cold Fusion Hair Extensions

The only problem associated with this glue is that the process involved is quite tedious and lengthy. This is because it needs to be treated with special chemicals to make sure that it becomes permanent. However, this bonding agent is used for enhancing natural hair and not for losing one’s original hair. Keratin hair extensions have become quite popular the world over and they are being used by both men and women for enhancing their look. There are several advantages that come with them, especially with regards to natural hair bonding.

One advantage is that they are relatively cheaper compared to other traditional bonding agents. However, many people still consider manual bonding techniques to be way better than the adhesive bonds. Another advantage of keratin hair extensions is that they have a high absorption rate, meaning that it can bond even if the natural pigment of your hair is completely absent. They are also relatively easy to apply. Still, manual techniques require a lot of practice and patience in order to get good results.