Pros and Cons of Having A Personal Training in Boxing

Personal training in boxing is very important if you want to make it in the new sport. Even famous fighters like Ibeabuchi, still need help to coach them and give them advice on how to fight certain styles or techniques.

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There are all sorts of reasons why you should hire someone for personal training but let’s just go over some pros and cons of having a personal trainer before you sign on the dotted line for one. Check personal training bayside, they might help. 


1) You get to learn about specific moves that will be useful to your style of fighting

With a good trainer, they will be able to teach you about body mechanics on attacking and defending yourself using proper form on punches, blocks, counters, and just general fighting moves.

2 ) A good trainer will be able to give you advice on how to fight certain styles of fighters

Many boxers are all different in their ways so having a personal trainer is useful so they know how to give the best counter techniques for your style or what type of fighter works best with your abilities.

3) Your endurance level will increase

When you have someone pushing you hard physically through drills and exercises, it can get pretty intense but that’s exactly what you want when trying to gain endurance better than other fighters.

4) Having someone who is always there for moral support

This one might seem like a brainer but people forget this. For those people who are alone and don’t have anyone close to them, a good coach is there as motivation and someone they can confide in when they need help with fighting or just life in general.

5) You get better at reeling off combos

Having a trainer that knows how to throw strikes the correct way will sharpen your accuracy for throwing combos and knowing what combinations work best.


1) The trainer might not like you

It’s true, even with famous trainers like Freddie Roach publicly bashing Floyd Mayweather for his antics outside the ring, it doesn’t matter whether your trainer thinks you suck or not all that matters is if you can be coached him/her. Getting along with a trainer isn’t a con since those types of people are more professional.

2) It costs money

Speaking from experience, this is the biggest con there is when it comes to having a personal trainer. In our current economic situation especially here in the US, cash flow for many families and individuals is short so you have to be very selective about what you spend your money on because some things might not be as important as others.

3) You’ll probably get injured

This one can go both ways whether you’re a beginner or a more experienced fighter but either way, there’s bound to be injuries involved with boxing or training in general. If you already have an injury then getting help will only exacerbate the problem so be very selective about what you do when training.

4) You don’t get fully trained

As mentioned above, having a personal trainer can help you in becoming a better boxer but there are still limitations to it. A trainer is only human and they can only coach/train you by showing that technique or move on how many times before you get the hang of it. It’s up to YOU whether you want to continue practising something by yourself after getting coached.

5) Your ego might get bruised

This one is for more advanced boxers who have already been boxing for years not months or haven’t started their career yet. If you’ve already established yourself as someone good at fighting then you might not want to work with a trainer if they’re of a lower skill level than yours.

It’s pretty rude and arrogant but sometimes the truth is painful to hear especially from someone who knows more about boxing than you.

VERDICT: While having a personal trainer isn’t necessary, it can help tremendously in being a better boxer depending on how well-coached you are by your coach. There are many pros and cons for getting a personal trainer so decide carefully before deciding whether you should have one or not since it will affect your fighting style either way.