Benefits of Dumbbell Clean and Press

The dumbbell clean and press is a very effective exercise for targeting nearly every muscle in the body. It’s one of my favourite exercises to include in beginner strength training programs or high-intensity workouts because it gets your entire cardiovascular system working at once! Listed below are the dumbbell clean and press benefits

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Here are some reasons why you should try this amazing exercise:

1) It is a full-body workout

This is not just a back or shoulder exercise. You can change the angle of your body to emphasize one part over another, but you will always be using more than just one muscle group when doing this exercise.

Works the Front Deltoids, Middle Deltoids, Traps, Triceps, Biceps, Lats, Abdominals & Legs — Your Whole Upper Body! This exercise may look like an intense shoulder workout but it works your whole body!

Not only will you be burning calories with each repetition but it’ll help improve endurance as well. Plus…it’s much easier to do this exercise in a crowded gym than it is to use multiple machines! 

2) It works almost every muscle in the body

Pulling from both sides of your body, it uses mostly unilateral movements with resistance on each side of the body. Again, it seems that if you only use one side at a time then they would not work as hard as they normally do, but because most people lack symmetry most muscles are unevenly worked when doing this exercise.

 3) Improved Core Stability & Strength

One of the biggest benefits of dumbbell clean and press is that it works your midsection well. This exercise will strengthen your core muscles which are needed for all types of exercises including rotational sports like golf, tennis or baseball. Plus…it’s an essential part of an everyday functional movement so improving this skill will help out practically everywhere! 

You can use any variation of weights you wish but just be sure not to lean too far forward while lifting with your forearms otherwise you’ll defeat the purpose.

 3) Variety

The great thing about using dumbbells when training is that it’s easy to incorporate new exercises into your workout plan! There are so many great variations of this exercise like the one-arm dumbbell clean and press, behind-the-neck clean and press and even a squat lift variation where you lift the weights from the floor up to your shoulders.

4) Can be scaled easily

With the clean and press, you can start with a very lightweight and work your way up as you get better at performing the movement.

If you find yourself in really bad shape and hardly able to move the dumbbells at all, then try starting without them (just bend down and grip the bar like a deadlift), this will give you more time to practice holding the proper form before worrying about how much weight to put on.

5) Can be done anywhere

Because you only need dumbbells, there is no need to go to a gym. You can do this exercise in your garage or basement, or take it with you when camping/backpacking.

6) Free!

Dumbbells are so cheap that there’s no excuse not to own them. If you do have the cash, I would also recommend getting some kettlebells because they are fantastic for adding resistance and variety into your workout routine.    

The best part about these exercises is that they challenge your body in ways that aren’t possible with any other type of equipment or exercise machine. Using dumbbells will help improve coordination & balance while also increasing muscle endurance throughout the entire body. 

Try mixing it up by rotating through different dumbbell exercises during each training session for an extra fat-burning boost!

So next time you’re in the gym, try throwing in 3 sets of 8-12 clean and presses after your regular workout routine (or just switch them around). Try doing one set left side, one set right side, and one set traditional (deadlift + overhead press).

As always, make sure to stretch well before starting any new exercise because you don’t want to pull something due to too much stiffness.