Tips For Ganesha Abstract Sculpture

Nowadays, it is not surprising to find many people use abstract sculptures for decorations.​ Many of them are cleverly designed based on Hindu mythology. 

For example, the Ganesha sculpture is a well-known Hindu god with the head of an elephant and the body of a man. And he is widely used as an abstract decoration.

gray elephant figurine on green grass during daytime

There are many choices of Ganesha abstract sculpture for you to select from. This article will provide some tips on selecting the right one for your home or office.


Before you even go shopping, it is important to find out what mantra or symbol is associated with Ganesha so that you can be sure to select a good representation of him. 

It’s also possible that there may be two different mantras, where one represents the elephant-like aspect of his nature and another mantra that relates more to his human form. 

This may not always hold though since sometimes both aspects are combined into one mantra. If this is the case then read up about both mantras instead of only focusing on them.

Office/Home Decor

Ganesha is often used as home decor, but he can also be used for office decor. If you are going to use him at work then make sure that your boss will approve of a representation of a deity in the office. 

If you will be using it as decoration in your home or garden, there are some steps that can be taken before deciding to place one in your home or garden:

The first step you should take before placing any kind of statue inside your house is to thoroughly cleanse the area where you want to put the statue. If you do not purify the space first, negative energy may form around your statue and either harm it or stop its spiritual power from working properly.

In order to be able to receive all of the positive effects from this unique type of art then it is crucial that cleanliness should always be maintained around these sculptures. 

Whenever any dust or dirt has been collected on them, simply wipe them with a dry cloth first before cleaning them with water and soap.

These sculptures do not need extra maintenance, but just like every other product that has gone through some type of manufacturing process, you should still check them on occasion for cracks or chips that may have formed since their last inspection.

Ganesha’s Role As a Remover of Obstacles

There are different ways to use Ganesha sculptures for removing obstacles from your life. For example, placing one near a door or outside by a window could help remove obstacles in the form of negative energies which may come through these entrances into your home or workplace. 

Many people keep Ganesha in their office simply because it helps them feel more successful when they have his support on their side.


Of course, with any statue, there are always ways to accessorize it to your liking. For example, if you have a Ganesha sculpture wearing a red scarf or necklace which is called a ‘vaijayanti mala’ then this accessory will be very beneficial in removing obstacles from your life.


Some people prefer Ganesha sculptures that are white while others prefer black. Of course, there are many other colours available as well such as blue, brown and silver. 

If you would like any advice on matching the colour of the Ganesha statue with your home or office decor then do not hesitate to contact us for more information and we will try our best to advise you based on questions we ask about your specific preferences.

Do not purchase a statue of Ganesha too quickly without doing your research first. 

Before you go shopping, have a good idea about how much the statue should cost. In addition to that, also consider where you would like to put it and what size is desired for that area.

Do not purchase a lot of Abstract Ganesha Sculptures

It is also important to note that having too many Ganesha statues together at one time does not mean they will work better than if there was only one statue for each member of the family. It is best to have just one statue per person because each of them will work better that way.

In general, a Ganesha statue can improve all aspects of your spiritual life and enhance the power of every other religious object that you have in your home. To look for Abstract Ganesha Sculptures, just click here.