On the off chance that a genie was standing before you and said it would allow you one wish, you’d probably request something similar to the capacity to time-travel or teleport. Me? I’m requesting to get up toward the beginning of the day with a full make-up on that requires totally zero exertion. I know, it seems like a joke, yet I’m really soooo honest. Would you be able to imagine waking up in the morning, not doing your cosmetics, and rolling out the entryway? Fortunately, this desire is a reality now—everything that you need is found in cosmetic tattoos.

Here are a few sorts of cosmetic tattoos that you can consider: 


Microblading, the most famous type of cosmetic tattoo, is an extravagant name for an eyebrow tattoo. Rather than the amazingly dull temples you may have seen on individuals from the Silent Generation, the advanced strategy mimics singular hair strokes for a characteristic look. Cosmetic tattoo artists utilize an overly fine pen to deposit pigment straightforwardly under the skin. You may likewise hear names like brow feathering or microshading. Individuals will guarantee various methods for advertising purposes. Different methods, despite everything, will still fall under the umbrella of common looking hair strokes, and it is important to consider your artist’s work and ensure you’re a fan before booking an arrangement with them. 

Like any tattoo, microblading blurs after some time. Expect to come back to your artist after 12 to 18 months a touch-up. Precisely when to return is up to you: The shades are intended to gradually blur after some time, so it’s an individual’s inclination when to come in for a touch-up once the shading begins to lose concentration. A few people blur a smidgen and they need more; others let it practically all fade out before they return. At a touch-up arrangement, the artist will add a color concentration to the current work. 

Lip Blushing 

In all honesty, there’s no blushing included with regards to lip blushing. The term alludes to a semi-permanent tattoo measure that characterizes and fills in your lips. It’s sort of like lip fillers, however, lip blushing leaves you with fullness, and it likewise steps up your lip color. The look is much more natural as well (think: more Angelina Jolie, less Real Housewives). You pick the shade you need, and afterward, the pro uses needles to deposit the pigments on your lips. 

In case you’re fanatically over-covering your lips, aren’t down with fillers, and invest an excessive amount of energy and cash attempting to discover the perfect lip shading, lip blushing may be a decent permanent cosmetics choice to investigate. 

Beauty Marks 

Like their cousin, freckle tattoos, beauty marks have gotten progressively mainstream through the pattern of cosmetic tattooing. Also, rather than ending up with a lasting design, new colors intended for microblading allow for a semi-permanent impact to guarantee the satisfaction and well-being of all customers. 

Perpetual Eyeliner 

Another famous choice for cosmetic tattoos is eyeliner. It very well may be applied either to the base or lower lash line, either in black or brown. While getting inked around the eyes may sound frightening, it is, in reality, brisk, and as sheltered as some other cosmetic tattoo. 

A cosmetic tattoo artist can make practically any eyeliner effect, from thin just to improve the lash line (frequently called ‘lash enhancement’), to an emotional feline eye, to a blurred smokey look. 

Cosmetic eyeliners are incredibly famous among ladies with delicate eyes and the individuals who can’t get their ideal eyeliner shape. An extremely skilled artist can likewise make the illusion of symmetry with cosmetic eyeliners, for anybody with somewhat inconsistent eyes. 

In case you’re worn out on spending a large portion of your check on items that you feel meh about and you need a genuine “I woke up this way” look, cosmetic tattoos is unquestionably the move. Yet, before you book an arrangement, make certain to do your research and select an authority that has the training, experience, and licensing in whatever region you pick like, for example, Cosmetic Tattoos by Rach. All things considered, it is your face and you have the right to do with it whatever it is that you please.