4 Steps On How To Properly Clean Your Neck

You may have just gotten out of the shower with a fresh, new start to your day. You’ve washed most of your body, you’re just about done with this morning routine… but wait—that’s right; you still haven’t cleaned your neck!

A common mistake people make is forgetting to clean certain areas of their bodies. The neck can be difficult to clean sometimes because hair gets in the way and it’s hard to reach some parts without help. It’s not something many people think of cleaning before they get dressed or put makeup on, but if that is what you do then this article is for you too!

You’ll learn how to properly care for your neck while also getting 8 helpful tips on exactly how to do it. It’s not as complicated as you may think, but it does require some responsibility on your end.

First of all, you’ll want to gather the materials needed to perform this task. You will need:

A small towel (to stand on) Soap (preferably antibacterial soap or body wash) Shampoo/conditioner (Optional; if you have long hair only apply shampoo to the roots.) Towel A comb Hand mirror Cream rinse/leave-in conditioner/essential oil (Optional for hair benefits.)

You’ll also want to make sure you have enough time set aside for this task. If you don’t, then do something else—don’t rush! Scrubbing harder won’t make things go faster.

Once you have all of your materials together, it’s time to start this task!


This is the first step that will take up most of your time for this whole process. You’ll need to find a good place to stand and lay out everything you’ll need. Once you’re wearing something old or dirty, then just slip into some comfy clothes.

Make sure they don’t interfere with your movement too much—you want the free range of motion during this activity! If your hair is short enough like mine (above the shoulders) then there isn’t any preparation necessary; if it’s longer than shoulder-length though… well it might get in the way; I suggest tying it back.

Now that you’re prepared, let’s move on to the next step!


This is one of the most important steps for this whole process! Make sure your hair is away from your neck and shoulders, but not all the way—you’ll need some hair in front of your ears to make sure they get clean too. After shampooing/conditioning if you have long hair, use a cream rinse, leave-in conditioner or even an essential oil instead since those are better for the ends of your hair than regular conditioner.

If you have short or no hair at all then just skip these steps because they’re unnecessary for this task. Next, take a small handful of shampoo/conditioner and put it on the area of your neck that you want to clean.

Rub it in a circular motion for about 30-50 seconds before rinsing with warm water. Do this for all areas, including behind your ears and under your jaw if necessary. If you have sensitive skin or experience itching when washing certain parts, then rinse the shampoo off immediately and apply some antibacterial soap instead—don’t worry, the rest will get cleaned later!


This step is unnecessary for people who don’t have long hair since their hair doesn’t get dirty from their necks anyway. Now that I think about it… I guess men could do this too if they wanted to stay extra clean.

If you have long hair though, it’s important to make sure your hair gets clean too. Apply shampoo/conditioner to your roots only (not the entire length of your hair) before rinsing thoroughly with warm water. You can use a little bit more conditioner near the ends for this step since they might need some extra care if they’re dry or damaged in any way—leave them pretty wet still though!


After all that work it’s time for some pampering! Your neck had one too many harsh treatments so now is the time to moisturize and protect it from further damage! Grab your favourite moisturizing cream and rub it into every area of your neck and shoulders. Spend about a minute or two on each area, then repeat this for your hair as well (if it needs it.)

That’s the end of this task! Keep in mind that if you plan to continue further such as applying make-up, mascara, etc., do it before moisturizing; obviously, if you’re going out somewhere after doing all this work, you’ll want to wait until the end of your routine before putting on make-up unless it’s something like lipstick (which can easily be removed later.)

That’s about all there is to cleaning your neck! Remember that scrubbing harder won’t necessarily equal better results, so take your time and enjoy yourself—you deserve it! 🙂 This whole process should only take about 15-20 minutes. If it’s more than that, you may need to adjust your routine so it doesn’t take so long! I hope this helped someone out there, and if you have any feedback about this article please feel free to comment below.