Ultimate in Privacy and Style

“Zipscreen Blinds Sydney is an award-winning company with a reputation for innovation, value and style.” That is zipscreen blinds – True Value Outdoor Blinds‘ own words to describe their current product range which has continued to grow over the years. The company has grown from a small printing and sign shop to a global leader in manufacturing and selling high quality zip screens, blackout shades and patio shutters.

True Value zipscreen blinds Sydney

“We are a small family-owned business specialising in solely outdoor blinds Sydney.” That is a key bit of information that distinguishes them from competitors who are not as established. In every sense of our business, we hold absolute value and commitment to our customer, which is why we strive to always improve upon the offerings of each of our products. Our customers love our zipscreen blinds Sydney blinds products and we pride ourselves in delivering the best of the best in customer satisfaction. If you are looking for sheer performance in a complete package or a quick-fix solution to your window decoration problem, do not look any further than zipscreen blinds Sydney!

Our products are designed to meet the needs of any decor or interior designer – they provide the ultimate in privacy, functionality, durability, and style. You can easily buy zip-up patio blinds and blackout shades, which come equipped with a patented spring release system that makes it easy to open or close the blinds with a simple push of a button. We have a full stock of premium patio blinds ranging in prices from a few dollars on up to thousands of dollars.