Inspect Termite Activity in North Brisbane

termite inspection north brisbane

If you own property in Brisbane, it is advised that you have your property inspected for termites every two years or so. If you want to be certain with the accuracy of your termite inspection results, then you will want to choose a reliable pest company to do the job for you. Some termite companies offer annual inspections in North Brisbane and East End. This is the perfect time to conduct a termite inspection because there are no other noises from construction, road works or residents moving into the area. By having an annual termite inspection north brisbane, you can detect termite damage sooner before it becomes extensive.

The services of an experienced pest inspection consultant

When conducting a termite inspection in North Brisbane, it is advisable to use the services of an experienced pest inspection consultant. A qualified pest investigator will use high-tech thermal imaging cameras to determine whether termite infestation is present or not. Thermal imaging cameras are used to determine how much moisture is present in the soil beneath a structure, such as a home or building. Using a thermal imaging camera, a trained investigator can tell whether termite activity is occurring. The presence of termites in the structure indicates that there is a significant amount of moisture present in the surrounding area. Infestations may also indicate that structural timber has been damaged due to termite activity.

Thermal imaging cameras are also used to detect any signs of sub-soil or surface water. It is important to know if water or liquid is seeping into your building. As a result, if you discover sub-soil or surface water on your property, it may be an indication that termites have caused substantial damage in your building. An investigator can determine the extent of the damage, if any, and recommend solutions to prevent future infestations.