Things To Know About Activity Statements

Not-for-profit organisations utilize activity statements to pay a number and report of tax commitments including:

  • services and products tax (GST).
  • pay as you go (PAYG) instalments.
  • PAYG withholding.
  • fringe benefits tax (FBT) instalments.

We will send your organisation a customised activity declaration to lodge and finish, with some sections currently filled in to save you time and effort. The activity statement will normally just reveal the obligations that associate with your organisation. Also, check out this great site.

How Typically To Lodge?

  • Your not-for-profit organisation lodges an activity declaration monthly, quarterly or yearly. A personalised activity statement sets out the due dates in addition to the period it covers for each of your tax obligations.
  • You should lodge an activity declaration for each reporting duration if your organisation has any PAYG, FBT or GST tax responsibilities, even if the total up to report for that period is nil.
  • PAYG withholding– how to complete your activity declaration labels.
  • This guide will assist you to finish the Pay as you go (PAYG) withholding part of your activity declaration.
  • PAYG withholding, payers (usually services and other enterprises) should withhold tax from specific payments made to others. These payments include:.
  • payments to workers, business directors and workplace holders.
  • payments made to workers under labour hire arrangements.
  • payments under voluntary agreements.
  • payments where an Australian business number (ABN) has actually not been estimated in relation to a supply.
  • You need to report these kept amounts in the PAYG tax withheld area of your BAS and pay all withheld amounts to us.
  • Service Website.

Lodge An Activity Statement.

The Activity declaration option in the business Website menu is your starting point for accommodations or revising most types of activity statements online.

When you lodge online you:.

  • might be eligible for a 2-week concession to pay and lodge.
  • will receive an invoice to validate that your activity statement has been lodged.
  • can view and print statements you’ve formerly lodged in History.
  • will access your activity declarations in the portal and receive an email when they’re readily available to access and complete online– we will not post any additional activity statements to you.
  • Not lodged.
  • Activity declarations that have not been lodged are displayed as Not lodged.
  • To finish your existing activity declaration, click it under Description.
  • You can lodge a ‘nil’ company activity statement (BAS) from the Prepare activity statement screen.
  • Activity statements will display as past-due once it’s past the due date.