Creative Ways To Use Bone Broth

Now, this is a health food trend we can get behind: Bone broth is low-cost, simple to make, and absolutely lazy-girl approved … yet it’s FULL of nutrients and brings heaps of health benefits. While bone broth can taste remarkable all by itself, most people desire more creative ways to consume it. Want to buy bone broth? Click here.

Use Bone Broth In A Soup

This is an apparent go-to usage of bone broth but I thought I should mention it anyway. Any soup that requires ready-made stock or stock cubes can be updated into something a lot more healthy with some heavy-duty bone broth. Attempt my zucchini, turmeric and coconut soup with some charming chicken or beef bone broth for a serious recovery and nourishing meal.

Simple Shiitake Mushroom Chicken Ramen

Prepare yourself for the very best news of your life: There are absolutely health benefits to eating ramen– when you make it with fresh ingredients and integrate it with a collagen-rich, wholesome bone broth, that is.

In A Stuffing

While conventional Thanksgiving stuffing isn’t something you’d think about as the healthiest product on the menu, it can be nutrient-dense and helpful. This innovative, gluten-free stuffing from Kitchen With Broth uses bone broth as an essential active ingredient, making it delicious and gut-friendly.

Ground Turkey Enchiladas 

Not just any, make ground turkey enchiladas. This dish will give you a soft tortilla stuffed with tender turkey meat, drowned in a bold tomato-based sauce with onion and a layer of melted Mexican-blend cheese.

Bone Broth Ice Cubes

Ice is another way to sip on bone broth and cool you down in the heat. Seasoned with spices and herbs, you can pop these protein-infused cubes into any drink or add them to among the above mentioned healthy smoothies.

Bone Borth Gazpacho With Chimichurri

Drink on a chilled summer soup with this gazpacho dish. A couple of things evoke summertime cooking more than a vibrant gazpacho. Rich bone broth works to improve the fresh flavours of peak-season tomatoes and peppers in this light yet filling soup.

The Bottom Line

Bone broth includes lots of essential nutrients, a few of which are understood to have extraordinary health advantages. Nevertheless, the research on bone broth itself is still emerging.

What is known for sure is that bone broth is highly healthy, and it’s possible that adding it to your diet might provide a whole host of health advantages.