Satta King

There are many reasons why people refer as “Satta Kamian” or “King of Service” that will help you understand that the cards are the representation of power, luck and winning. The cards can be easily available in some of the places and also you can easily find them by surfing on the internet and also it can be played by betting. In this article let us discuss about the various types of cards in Kamian card game.

Satta Kamian: The Satta Kamian is a card game which is very famous and mostly playing in handicrafts field and it is played mainly for entertainment purposes. Satta Kamian is card based and drawing mainly game but now it is categorised as hazard and satta khan is very famous and mostly taking part in bazaar and gambling world around the world. This is one of the most popular game in Pakistan and also many other parts of Asia. It has many versions and it has many ways to play. The most famous version of this card game is ‘Rakhi Bagh’. The main aim of the players of this card game is to complete their set or stack and to get the highest ranking player or bidder.

The Satta King: The Satta king is very interesting and it has two decks, one is Satta Kamian and other one is the Rakhi Bagh. Both of these decks are similar in their designs and patterns but differ in their prices. Satta Kamian deck consists of cards having different numbers printed on it and the Rakshi Bagh deck is completely different in its pattern and designs. The price of both decks is same but the Rakshi Bagh is more expensive because of the exclusive design and patterns of the card. You can play the king game by yourself by collecting few cards from your opponents or you can also buy it online. You can win this game by playing the random number generator.