Wedding Guide 101: How To Choose A Wedding Event Location?

While practically every aspect of a wedding event is optional, from using a fit instead of a dress to dumping the flowers to forgoing the wedding cake, there’s one thing you can’t avoid: a venue. After all, you’ve got to have somewhere for your family and friends to celebrate and gather.

However, discovering the best venue isn’t easy. There are many alternatives to select from, whether you’re searching for a spectacular barn, a classy ballroom, a cozy dining establishment, or a peaceful stretch of beach. We asked a couple of wedding event organizers to share their leading tips for finding your dream venue. For wedding venue and reception, click here for more info.

Speak With An Organizer First

Yes, prior to you begin looking at areas. Planners are a lot more familiar with the capabilities of space, the design, and the time and items you’ll require to transform it. If there’s an imaginative method to make it special or a peculiarity about the space that could make your vision hard to achieve, your coordinator will know.


Picking a place will be one of the first wedding preparations you make, so you’ll likely want to kick off your search on the earlier side. “If you are particular when it comes to the location, the earlier the much better,” says Wendy Kay of Birds of a Feather Occasions.

Date Versatility

Mentioning timelines, what precedes? Choosing a wedding event date or choosing a place? It eventually depends on what is more crucial to you– getting married during a specific time of year or snatching the location of your dreams. The majority of couples choose a venue initially. 

As soon as you have a place, the date will follow based upon availability. If a date is selected first, we’ve discovered customers limit their location alternatives drastically.

Eating, Drinking And Partying Locations

There must be sensible places within the location where guests can consume, drink, dance and mingle. When you’re standing in the area, attempt to visualize where each activity would happen (specifically if your ceremony will likewise be there).

Personal privacy

Privacy differs extensively by the venue, as does the significance couples place on it. If you’re okay with that, book your dream place.

Do Some Research

As you begin your look for the best place, some easy online research study may assist you to narrow the field.

Unsure where to begin? Wedding event blog sites and online forums are a terrific way to see what other brides have done and what has actually worked well in various types of locations. These websites can spur your imagination and assist you to visualise what you desire your big day to appear like.

Once you have a potential venue list, search for real weddings that have actually happened at those places. Attempt doing a quick Google images search by entering location name + wedding into the search bar. You need to start finding pictures of past weddings held at the place. You might even discover links to the vendors these past couples utilized for their special day if you do some more digging.

Ask For A Breakdown Of Expenses

A simple way to narrow down your list of place alternatives is to see what fits in your spending plan. The venue consumes a good part of your wedding budget, so understanding what you can invest is really crucial.

Attempt not to have your heart set on any locations that are beyond your budget plan. It’s simple to fall for a location, but if it’s too pricey or doesn’t have the services you require, you’ll be setting yourself up for dissatisfaction. That being said, if you’re 100% decided on a specific venue, you should be prepared to jeopardize other locations in order to make your dream wedding a reality.

Since dates can reserve up quickly at popular places, call around to examine the date schedule prior to visiting places face to face. (If you’re not marrying on-site, a great guideline is to check in with your location of praise initially before scheduling the reception venue.


It might take some time to discover locations that can accommodate you on that date if you have a particular date for your wedding in mind. Some places have online calendars where you can check for availability on your preferred date, month or time of the year. For others, you can email them for rough accessibility.

If you’re flexible with dates, you might discover your venue much quicker. If you have a dream place however it isn’t offered on your date, or you can’t manage it, think about scheduling your wedding for an off-peak time like November, early December or February.


What type of event do you want? Is it going to be formal or informal? Do you desire something conventional or contemporary? These are simply some of the concerns you must ask yourself about your developing your favoured design. By determining the components you’d like to integrate into your wedding event, you’ll narrow down your list of prospective venues.

Are there back-up strategies in case of an unexpected weather occurrence?

When it concerns outside receptions, whether you’re holding it in a public garden or a physical reception venue, be sure to ask whether there are any wet weather condition alternatives in case it rains or is too hot or a storm establishes etc

. While the majority of places have other spaces that you can face in case of an unanticipated weather condition incident, in some places, you’ll need to arrange a marquee or some sort of back-up yourself.