Fire Watch Guards – Would You Hire a Security Guard?

A Fire Watch Guards inspects an area or building, which could be a potential or possible fire hazard. A guard who is responsible for monitoring the fire watch should complete timely and thorough inspections to make sure the area has been thoroughly checked for fires or possible fire hazards (fires hazards). This is a vital duty that is performed regularly as part of a fire prevention plan.

Fire Watch Guards – Security Guard Basics

If a building is in the process of being constructed, it is imperative that all necessary approvals are obtained before construction can begin. The building will have to comply with all building codes and legislation. A building code should be consulted for all necessary information. If a guard is not employed on the site, a site survey should be carried out by a licensed engineer. Site surveys are important as they will allow a surveyor to check for any areas which may pose a danger to those entering a building.

In order to identify the main areas where fires can occur, it is essential that the guard is aware of any electrical equipment that has been installed on the site. An example of this could be heating equipment or other power generation equipment. The guard will have to look for any warning lights which are set up in this area. Once it is identified, the electrical equipment will have to be turned off.