Mind Consciousness Tips For Astral Projection

It can be likened to a ‘static’ state in our awareness. In our normal waking life, we are completely ‘moving through time’ (this is unconscious). In the state of mind consciousness, we are more aware of the here and now, and the past and future that we experience. It is in this ‘more now’ that astral projection happens. So for those that want to consciously travel to astral planes, this state is also required. While in this state of consciousness you will need to increase your rate of awareness of the present time.

Higher Mind Consciousness!!

One very important aspect of astral projection is to learn the breathing techniques for astral projection. This is because astral projection happens through bodily movements, or rather your body acts like a projector (using your astral energy). You will need to learn the correct posture of your body and how to breathe correctly through it. After learning this you will then be able to exit the physical body when you wish to and go to the astral plane.

This is not something that one could train by himself but requires some form of guidance. As such, you will need to learn to make use of the guidance system provided by a guide or astral guide. The nature of this guidance is only available to those who understand its concept, but for those that do not, a guidance system is an essential tool that is needed to properly understand astral projection.

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