Fun Things To Do On A Hen Night Party

Fun Things To Do On A Hen Night Party

In Australia, a Bachelorette party is most typically known as a “Hens Night”. Do you have one turning up? Preparation can be a mission and the stakes are high when there are a lot of individuals in the area eager for a good time.

A hen do is a rite of passage for every single bride, giving her loads of quality time to make the very best memories with her favourite people. Why is it called a hen do? How do you discover great hen do concepts? Just how much should you invest? Who do you invite? And how in the world do you set about arranging one? Whether you’re the bride-to-be to be, her maid of honour or among the hens, organizing a hen do or even understanding where to start can be a bit overwhelming. Don’t worry, ladies, we’re here to help with a complete guide to making your hen do one for the history books in a good way!

Hen parties can be a bit like buses, no quicker has one friend got engaged then unexpectedly it seems your good friends are wearing new bling and welcoming you for a weekend of mixed drinks and mayhem. All that partying does come at a cost and sometimes it’s good to have a few handy money-saving games and ideas for your big weekend. It’s even better to have some complimentary things to do on a hen weekend so here are some top ideas and concepts to have a great time without breaking the bank. While backyard celebrations with all the wacky hen’s attire is still a popular go-to if you are on a bit of a spending plan, but there are plenty more choices out there if you want to get a bit daring.




Here are some enjoyable things you can do for your hen’s party.

Create party bags 

This is a super concept for a hen weekend and you could just make a gift bag for the hen or one for each of the visitors. Attempt to include some enjoyable presents which can be purchased for simply a couple of pounds. Think party bubbles or poppers, little chocs, cheeky straws. You understand.

Strip Show

Magicmen strip shows are incredibly popular for girly weekends. Or you might hire a male stripper to provide the hen with a surprise at the dining establishment or bar. Make certain you get the OK from the place manager initially.


Treasure Hunt

Split the hens into teams, give each team a list of items and a sack to collect them in and away they go. Our version has a few adult items to find, plus there are some outrageously fun photo and video challenges for the hens to complete.

Design Your Own T-shirts

Glitter, glue, paints, lace, ribbons, sequins, crafty hens will be in stitches as they make their own hen weekend T-shirts. Ask all the girls to bring their own plain T-shirt, you can have all the decoration ready which can be easily sourced from eBay, pound stores and bargain home stores. You can also get all the girls a pair of plain knickers each to decorate as well and then all the girls can put the T-shirts and briefs on over their clothes for a team photo.

Unleash your inner vixen

Pick a dance style and dress up in sparkly outfits to learn and match dance moves from the best in the biz. Outfits like Dance Baladi Studio offer all the B’s; Bellydance, Beyonce, Burlesque and Bollywood as well as dances from every decade you can think of, Latin, hip hop and even pop star! You can do it just for fun, or use the occasion to create your own special dance that you and the girls can bust out as a surprise at your reception.