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Laundry Renovations On A Budget: 6 Tips

Renovating your laundry is an excellent way to update the appearance of your home without having to do a major overhaul. While laundry renovations in Melbourne are often pricey, you can get away with refurbishing your laundry for much less than you might think. I’ve put together some resources on how to renovate your laundry cheaply or even for free!

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6 Tips For Laundry Renovations On A Budget

1. Forget The Frills 

When it comes to renovating, people often get carried away buying all sorts of fancies they don’t need just because they’re available – but these frills aren’t necessary and will up the price considerably. Think hard about what’s going to be useful in your revamped laundry and focus only on those things that are worth the money.

2. Ask For Hand-Me-Downs 

If you’re family or friends have recently done renovations themselves, they might be in the process of replacing old appliances with new ones for their upgraded laundry – if this is the case, ask if they’d mind giving you their old machines instead! This will save you a ton of money.

3. Shop Around 

When it comes to renovations, don’t rush into buying what’s on offer at your local hardware store – take some time to explore all your options online and make sure you get exactly what you need at the best price available. Don’t forget that if you buy second hand then only one person pays for shipping!

4. Repaint the Walls

The easiest way to update a room is with paint. Oftentimes people will just go down to their local hardware store and buy whatever colour they feel like at the moment because it’s cheap, but this can be a big mistake.

Just as choosing a kitchen backsplash or exterior colour can have an impact on whether you sell your home in the future, choosing the right colour can make all the difference when selling now.

When choosing a colour for your walls, don’t be afraid to look at paint chips from other appliances in the room. For example, if you have white cabinets in your kitchen and you choose a darker shade of grey for the walls this can make the cabinets appear dingy by comparison.

Instead, choose a lighter colour for the laundry room that will emulate light and airiness and let the colours around it pop to achieve maximum impact. Some popular colours we’ve seen recently are cream, beige or an “oatmeal” type of off-white/yellowish shade to match appliances such as washers and dryers which usually come in these shades, to begin with.

If you want to add some extra flair select one wall there to have a different colour.

If you’re worried about resale, just choose colours that are similar to what other homes in the neighbourhood have chosen. People usually don’t want to live in a home that isn’t even close to what others are enjoying.

5. Flooring

Another simple way to update your laundry room is by changing the flooring. Vinyl floors used for kitchens can be purchased inexpensively, but take note of how they look when purchasing them since it doesn’t look good if there are tiles that are too small or large missing from the floor pattern because it makes the entire floor look bad.

You can then use leftover paint from step 1 along with stencils and/or tape measurer to create an accent wall.

White is always a popular choice for flooring in any room because it’s clean and brightens up the space. Also, consider tile patterns that reflect the design of your cabinets or other features in the room to tie everything together and create a cohesive look throughout.

6. Upgrade Fixtures

Upgrading old faucets and hardware not only gives you an updated look but also increases the resale value when selling your home later down the road.

The best way to ensure they coordinate with what you have already is by going online to choose exactly which brand/model you want, then take pictures of them when installing, so if you ever decide to sell later on it’ll be easy for whoever buys your house to keep whatever appliances along with the fixtures you chose.

You can find these types of appliances and hardware at just about any “big box” store, but to get the best prices you’ll want to order them online and have them delivered to your home for free or just a small fee depending on where you live and how much it is. This way you cut out all the markups from retail stores.

Also, don’t forget light fixtures! These are oftentimes overlooked when doing laundry renovations so be sure not to miss this important detail since they help to create a polished look throughout.

Depending on what brand/style of lighting you choose, that could add up in cost pretty quickly but some options won’t break the bank such as going with pendant lights instead of the more expensive recessed lights if it’s possible or installing track lighting instead.

I hope that these tips will help you to update your laundry room without spending lots of money!


Buy Oxycodone Online Without Prescription

There are several benefits to buying oxycodone online. You can avoid the long waits at the pharmacy and get the medicine you need immediately. The pharmacy also offers delivery of the medication within a few hours, making it a great option for people who don’t have the time to wait for a prescription. The process is fast, and you can often get the pills the same day. If you have any questions, ask a pharmacist or physician, and they will be able to give you the information you need.

How to Buy Oxycodone Online Without Prescription

First, you can ensure that the product is legitimate. A genuine pharmacy will fill your oxycodone prescription with the medication you need. However, an illegal pharmacy will ask for a valid prescription, and it will not check to make sure the medication is genuine. A fake drug is a scam, and you will only end up getting a fake pill instead of the one you need. Lastly, you will have to be able to prove that you are actually taking the drug. Having a valid prescription is essential if you want to buy oxycontin online without prescription.

There are a few precautions you should take when buying oxycodone online. The first thing you should do is check the packaging of the pills. Most legitimate pharmacies will fill your oxycodone prescriptions with the right documents, and they will send you a prescription with a guarantee. It is important to remember that buying online is not a good idea if you’re not completely satisfied. A legitimate pharmacy will make sure you get the medication on time and you can get it delivered right away.


Pros and Cons of Having A Personal Training in Boxing

Personal training in boxing is very important if you want to make it in the new sport. Even famous fighters like Ibeabuchi, still need help to coach them and give them advice on how to fight certain styles or techniques.

9 Fun Facts About Boxing. Boxing is a rough kind of sport but… | by Mary J.  Smith | Medium

There are all sorts of reasons why you should hire someone for personal training but let’s just go over some pros and cons of having a personal trainer before you sign on the dotted line for one. Check personal training bayside, they might help. 


1) You get to learn about specific moves that will be useful to your style of fighting

With a good trainer, they will be able to teach you about body mechanics on attacking and defending yourself using proper form on punches, blocks, counters, and just general fighting moves.

2 ) A good trainer will be able to give you advice on how to fight certain styles of fighters

Many boxers are all different in their ways so having a personal trainer is useful so they know how to give the best counter techniques for your style or what type of fighter works best with your abilities.

3) Your endurance level will increase

When you have someone pushing you hard physically through drills and exercises, it can get pretty intense but that’s exactly what you want when trying to gain endurance better than other fighters.

4) Having someone who is always there for moral support

This one might seem like a brainer but people forget this. For those people who are alone and don’t have anyone close to them, a good coach is there as motivation and someone they can confide in when they need help with fighting or just life in general.

5) You get better at reeling off combos

Having a trainer that knows how to throw strikes the correct way will sharpen your accuracy for throwing combos and knowing what combinations work best.


1) The trainer might not like you

It’s true, even with famous trainers like Freddie Roach publicly bashing Floyd Mayweather for his antics outside the ring, it doesn’t matter whether your trainer thinks you suck or not all that matters is if you can be coached him/her. Getting along with a trainer isn’t a con since those types of people are more professional.

2) It costs money

Speaking from experience, this is the biggest con there is when it comes to having a personal trainer. In our current economic situation especially here in the US, cash flow for many families and individuals is short so you have to be very selective about what you spend your money on because some things might not be as important as others.

3) You’ll probably get injured

This one can go both ways whether you’re a beginner or a more experienced fighter but either way, there’s bound to be injuries involved with boxing or training in general. If you already have an injury then getting help will only exacerbate the problem so be very selective about what you do when training.

4) You don’t get fully trained

As mentioned above, having a personal trainer can help you in becoming a better boxer but there are still limitations to it. A trainer is only human and they can only coach/train you by showing that technique or move on how many times before you get the hang of it. It’s up to YOU whether you want to continue practising something by yourself after getting coached.

5) Your ego might get bruised

This one is for more advanced boxers who have already been boxing for years not months or haven’t started their career yet. If you’ve already established yourself as someone good at fighting then you might not want to work with a trainer if they’re of a lower skill level than yours.

It’s pretty rude and arrogant but sometimes the truth is painful to hear especially from someone who knows more about boxing than you.

VERDICT: While having a personal trainer isn’t necessary, it can help tremendously in being a better boxer depending on how well-coached you are by your coach. There are many pros and cons for getting a personal trainer so decide carefully before deciding whether you should have one or not since it will affect your fighting style either way.


Benefits of Dumbbell Clean and Press

The dumbbell clean and press is a very effective exercise for targeting nearly every muscle in the body. It’s one of my favourite exercises to include in beginner strength training programs or high-intensity workouts because it gets your entire cardiovascular system working at once! Listed below are the dumbbell clean and press benefits

5 Unsung Differences Between Kettlebells and Dumbbells - Onnit Academy

Here are some reasons why you should try this amazing exercise:

1) It is a full-body workout

This is not just a back or shoulder exercise. You can change the angle of your body to emphasize one part over another, but you will always be using more than just one muscle group when doing this exercise.

Works the Front Deltoids, Middle Deltoids, Traps, Triceps, Biceps, Lats, Abdominals & Legs — Your Whole Upper Body! This exercise may look like an intense shoulder workout but it works your whole body!

Not only will you be burning calories with each repetition but it’ll help improve endurance as well. Plus…it’s much easier to do this exercise in a crowded gym than it is to use multiple machines! 

2) It works almost every muscle in the body

Pulling from both sides of your body, it uses mostly unilateral movements with resistance on each side of the body. Again, it seems that if you only use one side at a time then they would not work as hard as they normally do, but because most people lack symmetry most muscles are unevenly worked when doing this exercise.

 3) Improved Core Stability & Strength

One of the biggest benefits of dumbbell clean and press is that it works your midsection well. This exercise will strengthen your core muscles which are needed for all types of exercises including rotational sports like golf, tennis or baseball. Plus…it’s an essential part of an everyday functional movement so improving this skill will help out practically everywhere! 

You can use any variation of weights you wish but just be sure not to lean too far forward while lifting with your forearms otherwise you’ll defeat the purpose.

 3) Variety

The great thing about using dumbbells when training is that it’s easy to incorporate new exercises into your workout plan! There are so many great variations of this exercise like the one-arm dumbbell clean and press, behind-the-neck clean and press and even a squat lift variation where you lift the weights from the floor up to your shoulders.

4) Can be scaled easily

With the clean and press, you can start with a very lightweight and work your way up as you get better at performing the movement.

If you find yourself in really bad shape and hardly able to move the dumbbells at all, then try starting without them (just bend down and grip the bar like a deadlift), this will give you more time to practice holding the proper form before worrying about how much weight to put on.

5) Can be done anywhere

Because you only need dumbbells, there is no need to go to a gym. You can do this exercise in your garage or basement, or take it with you when camping/backpacking.

6) Free!

Dumbbells are so cheap that there’s no excuse not to own them. If you do have the cash, I would also recommend getting some kettlebells because they are fantastic for adding resistance and variety into your workout routine.    

The best part about these exercises is that they challenge your body in ways that aren’t possible with any other type of equipment or exercise machine. Using dumbbells will help improve coordination & balance while also increasing muscle endurance throughout the entire body. 

Try mixing it up by rotating through different dumbbell exercises during each training session for an extra fat-burning boost!

So next time you’re in the gym, try throwing in 3 sets of 8-12 clean and presses after your regular workout routine (or just switch them around). Try doing one set left side, one set right side, and one set traditional (deadlift + overhead press).

As always, make sure to stretch well before starting any new exercise because you don’t want to pull something due to too much stiffness.    


What Kind Of People Go To Rehab

There are a lot of people who go to rehab. They come from all walks of life and for a variety of reasons, but they usually have two things in common: desperation and hope. The reasons these people seek treatment run a wide gamut. Sometimes a single traumatic event can change someone’s life forever or multiple factors can lead them down the path to addiction.

Many people who enter rehab have tried to quit on their own and failed. They may not want to continue down the same path as before, so they seek help from a treatment centre. Although no one can force them into rehab or tell them what is right for them, most people do choose to go of their own accord and the simple desire to change is motivation enough.

Urgent Addiction Treatment| UK Rehab

On average, people who get sent to rehab are pretty much “the worst of the worst” when it comes to addicts. Think about it: all sorts of people go to rehab, but if you take a look at statistics, these often happen to be some serious losers in life. If only America had a more effective way of dealing with drug addiction other than sending these poor souls off into a room full of strangers and telling them they have a problem.

Unfortunately, even the rich and famous have been known to visit rehab from time to time. For example, Paris Hilton went on for years being one of Hollywood’s favourite party girls…that is until she finally made headlines for going away to rehab. It seems that no matter how good you think your life is going, at some point there will always be a reason to try and fix it.

Here are just some of the kinds of people that seem to find themselves in rehab:

Drug Dealers

How many drug dealers do you know that have never done drugs? It’s often joked about among their friends that they’re “addicted” to money. Besides, if they’re already taking drugs every day isn’t it only right for them to stop by someone else’s place for treatment?


What makes people want to cheat on their partners so bad? Is it out of selfishness or simply not knowing what kind of person they love until it happens again and again? Whatever they may be, cheaters tend to be pretty upfront about their problems.


No matter how bad you think your life is, at least you don’t have to worry about getting arrested every day. Still, being in trouble with the law isn’t exactly easy on anyone’s mental health either. If you’re looking for someone who makes a habit out of breaking rules or committing crimes, look no further than these people who keep finding themselves in danger…


Most bullies are only doing what they do because they feel so insecure about themselves, to begin with. But it’s not just other kids at school that get bullied; adults are often notorious for picking on others as well. Before we know it we’ll all be locked up together in some kind of weird bully rehab.


Usually, the kind of people that need to go to rehab is addicts. Whether or not they’re addicted to drugs, alcohol, sex, shopping maybe., proper treatment is needed before it’s too late. If you know someone who seems quiet and reserved all the time but happens to be an addict simply because no one has caught onto their problem yet…well now you do.

No matter what kind of lifestyle you live or what your problems seem like from an outsider’s perspective, there will always be a reason for everything. Who knows? You could be at a low point in life right now but turn things around by learning more about yourself and how others perceive the world around them. There are countless reasons to take a good look at what you’re doing with your life. Hopefully, these kinds of people can serve as an example that you don’t have to be horrible or inconsiderate to get the help that you deserve.

If you are looking for a rehabilitation centre that would cater for your need, click here.


5 Benefits Of Remote Learning

A few students will flourish while gaining or learning from home, while others might think that it is really difficult.

Distance learning, distributed learning or on the web/online, remote learning – these are some of the most terms portraying information you can secure without genuinely being in a grounds study classrooms or lab. Research keeps on showing remote learning is a web-based class in a school climate rivals that of nearby contributions when those choices utilize cautious informative plan and arranging.

Remote Learning: Actual Cost Is Cheaper Than Schools Would Have Us Think |  National Review

Numerous students have as of now done remote learning of some kind, and they realize both nearby classes and innovation worked with, remote learning share normal components:

  • Educators accessible for task questions and discussion
  • Research papers and other composing tasks
  • Tests and tests
  • Bunch projects with different students.


Remote learning – any type of far off instruction where the understudy isn’t truly present for the example – is blasting because of the force of the Internet. With an assortment of types to browse, there is an ascent in adaptable and reasonable instruction choices. Truth be told, there are various benefits of adapting somewhat over even conventional instructing models.

So continue to peruse to find out about remote learning. Or on the other hand go directly to our suggested remote learning apparatus: dr progress.

There are numerous incredible advantages of remote learning. For one’s purposes, it demonstrates more affordable to help. For another, remote learning isn’t restricted by geology. For instance, you shouldn’t be in Australia physically to take classes at a college situated in Australia.

Due to the Covid, remote learning — normally a way of educating used by schools and colleges — is currently being taken on by rudimentary and secondary school students also. The whole school locale and grounds are being compelled to set out online-based learning open doors and do it successfully.

Benefits of Remote Learning

1. Flexibility to choose

Remote learning courses additionally accompany adaptability. However, this changes by course structure. For some courses, students set their timetables. They take classes in their favoured area.

2. Easy Access

Regardless of whether because of the distant area or being in an unexpected way abled, a few students need essential admittance to instructive offices. Remote learning programs offer each understudy the chance to learn and work on themself in the climate they view as the best.

Remote adapting additionally opens up new skylines of schooling as far as global organizations. Significant colleges and exchange schools the world over now offer perceived degrees, endorsements, and expert capabilities online to students, all things considered.

3. Advantage to Visual learners

Remote learning can help more visual students. Given the visual idea of online schooling, students who favour more visual modes of adapting regularly find distant instruction gainful to their learning style. Online talks, tasks including PC based text, and evaluations created through internet-based modes can advance students through visual-weighty academic models.

4. Money and time savings

Remote learning likewise sets aside cash and time. Students (and teachers) don’t need to stress over making a trip time to and from the grounds. They don’t have costs connected with gas, vehicle support, or leaving, all things considered. Single guardians can stay away from childcare expenses and still have an important learning experience.

Distance learning courses frequently give learning materials on the web. Thus, students can nix reading material expenses from the blend, as well. These expenses alone can save students many dollars per semester.

5. Engagement

Remote learning permits students to draw in with their coursework at a more customized pace.

Guidance inside the actual study classrooms can of the time be excessively quick since there is generally such a lot of material to cover in such a short measure of time. In any case, remote learning permits students to draw in with their coursework (moderately) at their speed. Remote learning can level the difference between various students. 

Each understudy learns at their speed, so the exceptionally individualized nature of distance learning makes the speed of schooling a lot simpler to control. Remote learning is positively not an enchanted slug and there will forever be a spot for in-class learning. Simultaneously, distance learning has a great deal of undiscovered potential to arrive at students where they are and associate instructors and students in new ways. 

From expanded adaptability to new learning styles, it appears to be that the fate of learning will be as varied in the general setting as it will be in an idea.


Tips For Ganesha Abstract Sculpture

Nowadays, it is not surprising to find many people use abstract sculptures for decorations.​ Many of them are cleverly designed based on Hindu mythology. 

For example, the Ganesha sculpture is a well-known Hindu god with the head of an elephant and the body of a man. And he is widely used as an abstract decoration.

gray elephant figurine on green grass during daytime

There are many choices of Ganesha abstract sculpture for you to select from. This article will provide some tips on selecting the right one for your home or office.


Before you even go shopping, it is important to find out what mantra or symbol is associated with Ganesha so that you can be sure to select a good representation of him. 

It’s also possible that there may be two different mantras, where one represents the elephant-like aspect of his nature and another mantra that relates more to his human form. 

This may not always hold though since sometimes both aspects are combined into one mantra. If this is the case then read up about both mantras instead of only focusing on them.

Office/Home Decor

Ganesha is often used as home decor, but he can also be used for office decor. If you are going to use him at work then make sure that your boss will approve of a representation of a deity in the office. 

If you will be using it as decoration in your home or garden, there are some steps that can be taken before deciding to place one in your home or garden:

The first step you should take before placing any kind of statue inside your house is to thoroughly cleanse the area where you want to put the statue. If you do not purify the space first, negative energy may form around your statue and either harm it or stop its spiritual power from working properly.

In order to be able to receive all of the positive effects from this unique type of art then it is crucial that cleanliness should always be maintained around these sculptures. 

Whenever any dust or dirt has been collected on them, simply wipe them with a dry cloth first before cleaning them with water and soap.

These sculptures do not need extra maintenance, but just like every other product that has gone through some type of manufacturing process, you should still check them on occasion for cracks or chips that may have formed since their last inspection.

Ganesha’s Role As a Remover of Obstacles

There are different ways to use Ganesha sculptures for removing obstacles from your life. For example, placing one near a door or outside by a window could help remove obstacles in the form of negative energies which may come through these entrances into your home or workplace. 

Many people keep Ganesha in their office simply because it helps them feel more successful when they have his support on their side.


Of course, with any statue, there are always ways to accessorize it to your liking. For example, if you have a Ganesha sculpture wearing a red scarf or necklace which is called a ‘vaijayanti mala’ then this accessory will be very beneficial in removing obstacles from your life.


Some people prefer Ganesha sculptures that are white while others prefer black. Of course, there are many other colours available as well such as blue, brown and silver. 

If you would like any advice on matching the colour of the Ganesha statue with your home or office decor then do not hesitate to contact us for more information and we will try our best to advise you based on questions we ask about your specific preferences.

Do not purchase a statue of Ganesha too quickly without doing your research first. 

Before you go shopping, have a good idea about how much the statue should cost. In addition to that, also consider where you would like to put it and what size is desired for that area.

Do not purchase a lot of Abstract Ganesha Sculptures

It is also important to note that having too many Ganesha statues together at one time does not mean they will work better than if there was only one statue for each member of the family. It is best to have just one statue per person because each of them will work better that way.

In general, a Ganesha statue can improve all aspects of your spiritual life and enhance the power of every other religious object that you have in your home. To look for Abstract Ganesha Sculptures, just click here.


Lightning Protection Systems

Lightning Protection Systems

Modern lightning protection systems are invisible Alltechglobal lightining methods to the eye, and blend seamlessly into the look of the home. A single bolt of lightning can carry 30 million volts, ripping through roofs, exploding concrete and brick, and igniting fires. They can also cause structural damage to homes and wreak havoc on electronic and electrical equipment. According to the Insurance Information Institute, residential lightning losses exceed one billion dollars annually – and that’s only five percent of all insurance claims.

Lighting strikes can destroy electronic systems, destroying infrastructure, and causing injuries and property damage. The International Electrotechnical Commission has set standards for lightning protection, including the placement of air terminals, cable, ground, and bond. Surge protective devices are available to protect buildings, electrical systems, and other objects from lightning. They divert surge currents and reduce the voltage and intensity of an attack by limiting the amount of energy that can reach them.

Besides grounding systems, lightning protection systems can be installed in buildings. Down conductor lightning protection involves placing numerous down conductors around a building. This type of lightning protection is effective in securing sensitive installations and buildings. Moreover, down conductors allow up to 50 percent of the lightning current to return to the electrical installation’s earthing networks. By placing down-conductors around a building, lightning current is diverted into down-conductors, creating induced overvoltages in the electrical installation.


Critical Considerations When Selecting A Wedding Officiant

The officiant/celebrant of your ceremony has a pretty hefty task when you consider it: setting the tone, stating the ideal things, in fact marrying you, it’s no small task. We’re here to assist you to figure what types of officiants are out there, how to snag the best person for the task and provide you with a few practical pointers for picking a wedding officiant.

Consult With Your Officiant Personally

If your officiant is not currently someone you know well, put in the time to meet with them to talk about the event, get comfortable, and let them understand who you are as a couple. 

Ensure they understand your event objectives and what flexibility exists to make it your own. Plus, it’s so nice when the officiant can discuss you from individual experience, if possible.

Enter Your Function And Take Charge 

As an officiant, you may end up taking responsibility for more than the service– everything from making sure the very best male has the rings, to clinging to artists, setting up any routine items, cuing the ushers and double-checking that the marriage license is prepared and present to be completed. 

The couple already has a lot of details to bear in mind, and they’ll value you spearheading the action with a sense of command.

Write The Liturgy 

Discover whether the couple wants you to assist compose the liturgy– the script for the ceremony itself– or whether they want to do it themselves. The word “liturgy” equates as “work of individuals,” so it must reflect the two people standing in front of you, whether that implies it needs to be silly and easy-going or serious and literary.

Be Clear About What You Want

One of the greatest stumbling blocks for an officiant is the great old expression “we just want to be shocked.” Couples typically think that right up till their officiant states something they don’t disagree or like with.

The surprise is terrific, but it’s finest to empower your officiant by at least agreeing upon an overview and nailing down a few specifics. The event is no location to start a philosophical argument.

To conserve yourself the strife and just have the discussions early on. Be prepared to discuss whatever from wordage to rehearsals.

Find Somebody Who Lines Up With Your Ceremony Style

You (clearly) need to find a wedding event officiant that aligns with your faith if you’re having a spiritual wedding event. It’s just as essential to discover someone who lines up with your wedding style.

Ensure They’re Comfortable Public Speaking

Speaking is a substantial part of a wedding officiant’s task. It doesn’t matter if you find a priest who makes you feel comfortable, a rabbi with the ideal sense of humour, an Imam whose beliefs perfectly line up with yours. 

They’re not the ideal individual to officiate your wedding event if they’re not comfortable speaking in front of a crowd.

Like any other wedding vendor, chemistry is essential– consult with a number of possible officiants before making a final decision to make certain you like them (which the feeling’s mutual).

Let Them Ask You Questions

Chances are, the officiant knows one individual in the couple best. Give your officiant the chance to get to know you both equally.

One officiant recommends gathering stories from the couple– speaking with them about how they fulfilled, what they like about each other, and funny memories. He also recommends talking to the friends and family of the couple to get a sense of where they each came from.

If they have any sample phrasing, readings or events to share with you to get a sense of what your event may be like, ask. What is the difference between a licensed minister and an ordained minister? Check my site to know more.


Five Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Boxing

Boxing is a sport that has been around for centuries, but only in the past few decades have scientists been able to study it from an objective standpoint. With this newfound ability to look at boxing scientifically has come new discoveries about the sport that were previously with Full Report not widespread knowledge. In light of this new information.

two men wearing boxing gloves

Here are five things you probably didn’t know about boxing:

1) Boxing was illegal for over 300 years in the UK

Boxing has been around since at least the Roman occupation of Britain, but Boxing was seen as a barbaric sport that would inevitably lead to riots. Boxing was outlawed in the UK way back in 1743. Boxing took another hit when Jack Broughton introduced his ‘Rules of Combat’ which included banning things like hitting people when they are down and stamping on their chests with both feet.

Boxing remained illegal in the UK until 1860 when John Sholto Douglas, 9th Marquess of Queensberry introduced a set of rules that we still use today and Boxing slowly became a popular sport.

2) Boxing is actually a misnomer

Boxing has been around for so long that it’s name has become part of our everyday language. Boxing is what people do when they are fighting, but boxers don’t actually use their fists to attack each other with. The sport of Boxing uses padded gloves that protect the hands and head, whereas fists are often used in street fights which isn’t Boxing at all.

3) Boxing is safer than many people think

A lot of people are put off Boxing because they think it is extremely dangerous. Boxing injuries are common, but Boxing actually compares favourably to many other sports when it comes to injury rates. Professional Boxing has become safer over time as the head gear was removed and Boxing gloves became smaller.

Even amateur Boxing is far less dangerous than generally believed because boxers wear head guards and they can only use their hands to strike with. Boxing is one of the safest contact sports around, so don’t be put off by thoughts that it’s dangerous.

4) Boxing has been an Olympic sport three times

Boxing was introduced as a demonstration sport at the 1904 Olympic Games in St. Louis but didn’t appear as an official sport until the 1920 Olympic Games. Boxing has been an Olympic sport three times; in 1904, 1908 and 1912. The Boxing program was quite different back then because Boxing only consisted of four weight divisions: featherweight, lightweight, middleweight and heavyweight.

Since 1992 Boxing hasn’t appeared as an Olympic sport due to opposition from other powerful sports bodies. Boxing finally made it back onto the Olympic schedule for the 2016 games in Rio, but only as an optional sport which means athletes are free to choose what events they wish to compete in.

5) The first Boxing world champion was American

John L Sullivan is widely cited as the first Boxing world champion, but he didn’t actually win a Boxing match to earn that title. Boxing has always been a sport run by the state, so Boxing world champions are decided on who holds the belt at any one time. Sullivan won the honour of being called Boxing world champion because he was given the belt after retiring undefeated.

Boxing titles have always been attributed to where their current holder is from or resides rather than who won them in Boxing matches against other Boxing world champions. Since the belt became vacant after John L Sullivan retired undefeated Boxing has become more competitive and Boxing championship matches pit World Boxing Association title holders against International Boxing Federation title holders or what have you.


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