Wood-Fired Pizza Oven: How To Choose The Best One For Your Pizzeria.

Italy is popular all over the world for its gastronomic culture and certainly, pizza is the staple food par excellence. Because at the dawn of time, it was a meal for bad individuals, fast and basic (some flour and a little water) born to check the oven temperature level before baking bread for the family. Pizza has naturally developed through the ages, however, it is still inextricably related to the wood-fired oven, that gadget that took to new heights the passion, the abilities and the savvy that are behind this speciality.

Among the great advantages of the pizza is that you can top the flatbread with basically any kind of meat, veggies or cheese and slide it into the oven for a quick bake. A pizzeria needs less equipment than an ordinary restaurant, but the crucial element should be a high-octane, reputable, quick and wear-resistant pizza oven. There are certainly lots of professional items on the market however leaving electric and aside gas-fired ovens that are off-topic in this short article, we will attempt to outline the main features of what is the ultimate pizza oven, the wood-fired one. 

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Here are the strengths of a wood-burning pizza oven:

How A Wood-Fired Oven Is Made?

The standard wood-fired oven is made of bricks and concrete. You can also sculpt out an area under the oven to have firewood within reach. The flattened oven dome forms a smaller area for air circulation, therefore, allowing a higher temperature and quicker cooking.

The heat that originates from the oven flooring is rerouted and pulled back from the top, cooking pizzas evenly in a few minutes. The dome may be low as in Neapolitan ovens or high as in bread ovens that need more humidity. In the end, we want to point out the free-standing ovens that can be positioned anywhere you require them and though better for house usage might likewise be the right choice for a small restaurant.

Accessibility Of Space

You don’t want to be that individual who has the pizza oven delivered only to realise there’s not sufficient area. Ensuring you have sufficient area is likewise a security problem– you must have room to manoeuvre around the oven.

Do-It-Yourself Package Or Professional Installation

There are different designs of pizza ovens available in set kind or you can have them installed for you. The traditional model pizza oven will require a piece base whereas a standalone model can be utilized several hours later on.

Industry Knowledge

Everybody appears to be offering pizza ovens nowadays. You want to buy your pizza oven from an established seller with many years in the market. Exceptional customer service will provide you with the peace of mind understanding that you have a quality item from a trusted service– many satisfied clients and service awards are things to watch out for.

Size Matters

Select a wood-fired pizza oven that will serve your cooking requirements and spatial requirements. You probably currently have a spot for your pizza oven in mind. The best thing to do is determine it up so that when it comes time to purchase your pizza oven, you know just how much area you have to play with. This will narrow down your selection and make going shopping a lot easier. The last thing you want is a pizza oven that is too large for the area and then you need to send it back to the shop! It’s trouble no one requires.

Some pizza ovens just have the area to prepare one pizza, while others can formulate to four. , if you are always amusing visitors in the yard you might desire to choose a larger oven so you can pump out numerous piping hot pizzas at a time. If you’re preparing for the household one shooter will do the job well.


You will likewise need to keep safety in mind if you have a young household. You are required to ensure that your pizza oven is out of reach of children or you develop a barrier for it so that there is no possibility that the little ones will be able to burn themselves.

Building And Products

Pizza ovens are available in all sizes and shapes. They also are likewise made of a range of products, such as stainless steel and natural brick. They all do the job quite nicely– it’s just a matter of picking one that fits your needs in regards to style and performance.