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A method for determining the date of birth is through requesting copies of birth records from different public archives. Birth records can be easily obtained from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), and the Social Security Office.Resources – https://theravingtrends.com/numerologist-review/

Numerology Explained: What Is Numerology?

The Department of Motor Vehicles will send you a copy of your birth records once you’ve completed a completed application. The requirements required to obtain these birth records can vary depending on the state you’re applying for a copy of your birth certificate. The process to obtain these documents is simple, especially if you’re applying for a birth record in the United States. You can complete the application online and submit the request through email.

Another method is to search the public databases of Archives. In Canada, Archives Canada maintains records for all provinces. The last search method is through the United States Department of State. Vital Statistics Office. This can be found online by searching for the Department of State in any search engine.

No matter how you look at it, numerologist services do offer some degree of accuracy when it comes to locating the birth certificate of someone. These services are very convenient and are often available online. They allow you to request a certified copy of your birth certificate or other information.